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Dohchella describes the distinct subcultural distinctions for those attending the Coachella Valley concert every spring in Southern California.

It is a complete accident that the first syllable of this word is a sound that a certain number of the cartoon Simpsons family makes when observing something unfortunate.

Social media has become a tool for not only the concert itself, but for attention seeking strategies.

Within the caged concert it is easy to express free-spirited Gypsy style by asking a fluorescent vested security guards to snap an independent thinking unique photograph- stand with the peace sign, hips cocked to the side, with Ferris wheel in background.

An exit poll of these open-minded attendees- Impressively, the average number of lifetime countries visited per attendee increased to 1.3 from the 2005 to 2014 average of 1.1.

76% of all foreign visitations were in Cancun or Ensenada Mexico. Rounding out the statistic, 1% stated they had been "to the moon and back with my Bestie"
Also in exciting news, those who are unable to attend this unique festival, The Ferris wheel will remain in place for the country concert "stagecoach" where free-spirited and non-mainstream thinking can rapidly be replaced with traditional wild west clothing and frowning and pictures, in Lieu of peace signs.

We hope this description of this life-changing amazing venue is beneficial to your inner transformation and all of the other amazing expressions you'll experience. And share.
Man, I can't even check my email because there's so many pop-ups of girls sending screenshots of their Snapchat of the butterfly glitter filter. Damn Dohchella"
by Craig Rasputin April 14, 2017
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