Having someone go with you as a passenger to run errands/pick something up simply for the fact of getting out of the house/office/etc.

Like taking your dog for a ride just because he likes going in the car. In this case the dog is a human.
Hey I am going to the store to get an energy drink, do you want to go for a dog ride?
by Supermega1 June 4, 2009
A game of strength and determination played by hot dog and mountain sport enthusiasts around the world. The game involves a mountain sport of choice (snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, sledding) where the object of the game is to hold a hot dog in between your buttocks cheeks, down the mountain without a) piercing the skin of the hot dog or b) dropping the hot dog. The game can be played with a variety of hot dogs and sausages, but it is primarily based upon the local cased meat of choice. Loser has to eat the winners hot dog, while still warm, without the addition of condiments.

An alternative scoring system was developed in North Eastern United States where the internal temperature of the hot dog is measured before and after the ride to give extra bonus points, accordingly.
"Dude, sick Hot Dog Ride! You nubbed that kicker and the casing is still in premo shape!"

"Broheim, your H-Dog is hotter than your blood temperature at 100.4degF. Extra Double Bonus points brah!!"

"Dawg, check his grundle for hand warmers!"
by Jonas B. December 16, 2013
Got a lot to do today so I'ma call my ride dog to go with me.
by Blondie110 March 10, 2015