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Bitchin' muscle car made by Dodge. Often confused with the Charger, in spite of a big difference in appearance. The new one is the sickest pony car out right now. Plus, it will be worth a fortune in the future because production will probably stop within the next few years. Many think the new Camaro is better purely because the interior looks "nicer." (These people know nothing about driving because they should be focused on the road and not what color the speedometer is and thinking it's fun when their ass slips on their leather seats.)

To see some examples of this car, watch the movies Vanishing Point & Death Proof.
The original Dodge Challenger was built from the same platform as the Plymouth Barracuda.
by ~_- April 18, 2009
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1) A car made by Dodge during the 70's, before it came out of production in 1973. Very fast and competent in terms of performance, even by modern standards, and with styling every person with good taste has to like. It has it's own spot in the hall of fame of every true car enthusiast. Collectors go mad for such cars, especially if it's a genuine "numbers-matching" model of the high performance versions (with the big 426 or 440 engine fitted from the factory and not as an after market modification)

2) A car that's currently under production by Dodge (from 2008 till today). The car you could have bought yourself (either in it's inexpensive base trim or the very fast SRT version), if you hadn't foolishly spent 15000 dollars upgrading your japanese 4banger rice burner. Yes, it's interior may not have the quality of other cars, but Chrysler has managed to nail old-school muscle car power along with the smoothness and handling of a modern sports car.
1) Tomorrow there is an auction for a "numbers matching" 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T that just went on sale. Bet the price will reach a six-figure number again.

2) Dodge Challenger SRT8: The living proof that, no matter how much Chrysler, Ford and GM screw it up, muscles car will continue to live and reign, as they will always offer the best bang for your buck.
by Dimitris K March 11, 2009
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