one of the sickest cars ever created and sold in America
closely related to the 3000
Jealous Kids say: J rolled up in his dodge stealth
Other Jealousy Kids say: O shit son
by hypnoticphonics February 13, 2008
A Japanese sports car that is almost identical to the Mitsubishi 3000GT and has no relation in terms of design with Dodge. Has great styling and performance. One of the best 90s import sports cars.
Did you see Josh's car?

Yeah I think its a Dodge Stealth.

Aren't those the exact same thing as a Mitsu 3000GT?

Yeah basically except for a few body panels.
by turbotimer90 February 9, 2011
Person 1 "Look at that yaht"

Person 2 "Dude that's a dodge stealth RT"
by My name is Jim December 19, 2016
The Dodge Stealth was a 1990's Japanese supercar built by Mitsubishi and imported by Chrysler for the Dodge marque. Running from 1991 to 1995 and powered by a Mitsubishi 6G72 powerplant, the first generation offered four styles (base, ES, R/T, and R/T Turbo) offering anywhere from 190 hp in the base model to 306 hp in the R/T Turbo model. The second generation dropped the ES model, and opted for a stronger, more powerful engine, beginning in 1994. The improved 6G72 engine offered a few more horsepower and negligible torque, but was much more durible. Transmission options were a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual, and in 1994 a high performance Getrag 6-speed manual was given to the R/T Turbo.

Even though it was built during the same time period as Eclipses, Lasers, and Talons, the Dodge Stealh was and never will be a DSM, which were all built in Illinois by Diamond Star Motors, a conglomerate between Mitsubishi and Chrysler similar to the one that built the Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT in Nagoyo, Japan.

Often overlooked by the tuner crowd for other vehicles, the Stealth and its counterpart the 3000GT will remain excellent, if not mainstream, pavement destroying machines capable of just as much modification and outrageous horsepower output as any other.

Because of its short production run and limited number of imported vehicles, the Dodge Stealth is likely to be a high-value collectors car in several years. The closer to stock they are, the more they will sell for, even though most cars of the sort will most likely be either highly modified or rusted out by the time their value becomes collectible status.
The Dodge Stealth is a sweet car. Stealth, Dodge
by go stealth boy December 28, 2005