A female who talks to a lot of males, and is very easy to have sexual inter course with
Dont talk to that girl bro she’s a Do 1
by It’s crazy but its true October 18, 2019
DO 1 ! make a person feel unwanted
could possibly give them the impression their not supposed to be around here. They may consider going somewere else!.

oi mate do 1 ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by DRUE PEACOCK December 14, 2007
To be in sync with somebody - when you do/say the same things at the same time
"..I got B on the test"

"Same here, but why are our answers almost the same? We sit at the opposite sides of the classroom??"

"..a carrot" "..a carrot"
"Can you two stop and try not to do 1 braincell with each other??"
by jula_urbaneq May 27, 2020
erson 1: “Do y
erson 1: “Do y
by November 9, 2021