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The one and only female on Earth who is having a Malay blood circulating inside her body. This is legit! Look at her and you'd be left with your jaw hanging and salivas salivating!She may be sweet and drop dead gorgeous looking but hey! Don't play or fool her around like a toy cause she will be beating your buttocks with a long rattan cane like how Malay mother's taught their child as a lesson. She will be sarcastic as hell if you are mean to her! Some plus, she is what everyone needs from a Malay girl such as wonderful daughter,knows how to make maggi,owns a congkak set to play with,rubix cube but don't know how to solve it and many many lots and more! So.. Don't miss the chance! She's single and ready to mingle yall
I would always want a Diyanah to enlighten my day of missing Malaysia!
by Alyzra December 26, 2016
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The last Malay girl on Earth. Better catch her quick cause god damn she is gorgeous.She is the one and only last girl who is 100 percent Malay!!! She has all what Malay needs like congkak,a smile,rubix cube and a lot of alasan and malas to go to school when exams are over! A very good chef indeed especially with the maggi noddles.Go get her now!!!
I need diyanah to make me have Malaysia beside me
by Dafae December 26, 2016
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