dumb like squid...used with "blur" which is a mental state somewhere between spacey, oblivious, and retarded.
sorry man, today im blur like sotong
by scroc April 21, 2004
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sotong is a sweet and a kind person. if you make him laugh then his laugh will terrorize you every night 'cause his laugh sounds like a helicopter. he's also a smart kid, even though he's watching netflix in a middle of the class, he can still solve arabic lessons. he's the one who will give you the answer in arabic lessons event though you're in different groups. he's a great classmate. reminder for you guys don't ever try to give him funny stickers, funny jokes or even dry jokes, he will laugh until he has asthma and your starred messages will be full of his laughing voice notes. don't make him sad unless you don't wanna hear his laugh !
- : *give him stickers*
by florkken November 24, 2021
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'Sotong' is a malay word that means 'squid' in literal translation.

Malaysians use the word sotong to define (read: mock) male who act feminine, not to be confused with crossdresser, since sotong does not cross dress, nor wear make up.
He so scared of spider, he's such a sotong

**Sotong (slang)**
by Crispy Spicy January 8, 2023
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the art of tying braids with an excessive amount of rubber bands which originated from Rui En

its super quirky
hahaha guys get it? sotong balls!!!111!!!
by greasyfringes August 5, 2019
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