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Divett is a word that means anything that is sexual. This word was made by the gang that originated from east side Virginia called the CATS. Divett also originates from the xbox legend with the xbox gamertag of Divett hes is a amazing person that is funny, Cool, has more swag then louis and most of all has a Ron Jeremy sized penis
Boy1: Omg, that girl is so Divetting Divett (Fucking hot)
Boy2: Ikr i would Divett (Fuck her) her
Boy3: Yup
Both Boy1 and 2: No, Divett (Fag) you're such a Divett (Chode)
by Divett January 09, 2014
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Divett is the term used to describe mental retardation as the result of being dropped at birth. It is usually considered normal for a "Divett" to grow up in the foster care of wild animals. Divetts will never fully mature.
Hey man, did u see that Divett last night, he was such a b lake
by E. N. The WOW Mashta April 01, 2007
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