the one who zoom something. if you zoom a something, the sub parts of the thing will distance each other.
as a distancer, could you please explain the difference between the words tall and high.
by DISTANCER July 7, 2017
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Being in close enough proximity to a person, place or thing that one could reasonably assume you could bury a body and still get away without getting caught or found out.
“Hey, where's Tom these days?” “Oh. he's within shoveling distance.”
by Trixie Lynn Freebush January 21, 2021
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The distance between you and your destination as long as it is short enough to walk, and you are inebriated.
hey baby, you wanna come back to my place?

sure but i dont have cab fare

that's ok it's wobbling distance
by ptbopete November 29, 2010
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The only way to avoid a virtual hangout during quarantine.
Someone you rarely hang out with: "Hey, want to have a zoom call tonight?"
You: "Sorry! I can't."
Someone you rarely hang out with: "Why not? It's not like you can go out."
You: "I know, but I'm practicing virtual social distancing."
by Little Walnut March 31, 2020
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To avoid a former best buddy because of a banal quarrel.

Within a small town quite a challenge.
Sets all your friends under pressure because the one who is doing "urban distancing"

expects that you are acting the same way he does to his former buddy.

If you don't follow him doing "urban distancing" - he will leave in a huff.
He is urban distancing him again.

"Why are you urban distancing me?"
"He you! Are you doing a little bit urban distancing again?"
"Stop urban distancing him! You are both my friends!"
by princess2020 May 25, 2020
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When you have a very personal vendetta against an enemy and you keep your distance close enough for you to see your unscrupulous dastardly and disgusting sycophant in your sights while masterfully evading the aforementioned party with whom you have writ the contract of avengeance and misery to besmerch said "wrong doer" henceforth and forever more the end of history in perpetuity
Untill they force someone in a position to eradicate the vermin once and for all. I will keep a vengeful distance ever vigilant.
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