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Formerly known as "multiple personality disorder" and/or "split personality", DID is a severe mental illness in which the person has two or more distinct personalities, which form entirely different memories and characteristics. Commonly confused with schizophrenia.
Dissociative identity disorder is extremely difficult to treat.
by Doc_B April 14, 2015
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A dubious diagnosis associated with the recovered memory movement in psychology. DID is a pattern of behavior characterized by the learned enactment of different identities, usually including psychologically wounded "inner children." These are claimed to have resulted from repressed childhood involvement in satanic ritual abuse, child porn rings, mind control experiments, or similar extremely severe abuse. The creation of personalities occurs hand-in-hand with the formation of the abuse narrative in the vast majority of cases.

The process of memory/personality creation usually involves the suggestion of a sympathetic and charismatic therapist, but it can also occur within groups of "survivors" on the internet or in self-help groups. The process is likened to a cult, since participants often cut off contact with former friends and relatives who question the bizarre direction of therapy and instead form bonds with other recovered memory "survivors."
Motives for embracing Dissociative Identity Disorder may include the following:

1. Suggestion by an authority figure that recovering abuse memories will lead to healing.
2. Sympathy/attention associated with the victim role (There is high overlap with dramatic/historionic/borderline personality disorders).
3. Involvement in a complex and interesting project, as the client creates personalities to reflect different aspects of her fantasies.
4. Absolution of responsibility for one's problems implied by the victim role.
5. Sexual fetishes or fantasies that would otherwise feel unacceptable can be enacted and attributed to the "memories" of abuse. In fact, studies show that there is a high representation of DID in online groups for ageplay and domination/submission games.
by Dr. Fischer November 24, 2009
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the pretense of having multiple personalities for the purpose of sucking attention and sympathy, blaming others for one's unhappiness, possibly obtaining disability income from the government, and denying responsibility for one's own life and fuck-ups.
On a graph of intelligence, psychiatrists and psychologists who believe in dissociative identity disorder are at the lowest end. Eitehr that, or they are on the high end on a scale of sociopathy (building practices based on the misery of others, with no regard for science).
by Dr. Dismayed October 12, 2004
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dissociative identity disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder

Rare condition indicated by the absence of a clear and comprehensive identity. two or more independent and distinct personality systems develop in the same individual.

NOT ! " the pretense of having multiple personalities for the purpose of sucking attention and sympathy"-ignorant

dissociative identity disorder....the splitting off from conscious awareness and control of thoughts, feelings, memories, and other mental components in response to situations that are painful, disturbing, or somehow unacceptable to the person experiencing them
by Mz yasa November 26, 2007
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An extremely misunderstood mental disorder where one believes they have other personalties (or alters) living inside their soul. This person will not have control of what these alters do and usually black out whenever their alters take control. These alters can be different ages, have different dominant sides, different posture, voices, etc.
People will develop this order from not knowing how to deal with abuse or suppressing too much emotion, usually, as a child.
**NOTE: What these people believe is happening in their head is what is happening in their head. They can't control what's happening and most people would get rid of the disorder if they more easily could.
Alters FUCK EVERYTHING UP FOR THOSE THAT HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS DISORDER. My ex has D.I.D. The beastly version of his own personality (not a legit alter) blocked his memory of me. He did this because I wouldn't have sex with him..well yeah..pretty fucked up.
Dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.) shows how much the sub-conscience is genuinely a bitch.
by D.I.D. SUCKS. December 22, 2012
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