Term used to describe the role that some divorced fathers fulfill, whereby they tend their biological children during certain prescribed times during the year (much like a vacation) rather than be a father full time.
Maria: You can take the children weekends during the summer.

Ted: No way! I'm not going to be a Disneyland Dad!
by Kate Sjostrand February 21, 2008
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a divorced dad who only has their child part-time and treats it like they are always at Disneyland. Only has fun with their kids and leaves mom to do all the real parenting. Does not handle any parental responsibilities, likely doesn't know who their teachers or doctors are.
He's a disneyland dad, they go over there and play video games for 48 hours straight and then come back and get mad at me because I make them brush their teeth.
by Haley Bahng November 2, 2023
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