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The gay equivalent to the straight horse girl, a Disney gay is an emotionally unstable queer man who conceals his vast insecurities with an unhealthy obsession with Disney films and extended Disney IP like Marvel superheroes, theme parks, and Star Wars. He’s socially awkward, obsessive, and pining. He will eventually fully let himself go at 35 to withdraw into his fantasy world.
Man 1: It says here on his Grindr profile he’s into “themed entertainment”
Man 2: That’s a Disney gay that doesn’t want to admit it. Run, don’t walk
by MuscleBearButchQueen June 06, 2021
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insinuating that someone is gay because they know a little too much about disney world and disney movies.
i always questioned steve's sexuality, but when we talked about disney world - he lit up and became a little too excited - so disney gay.
by salamendrina September 12, 2008
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Something that is realllly gay. More specifically, it has to be something that's so lame and gay that you'd expect to see it in a Disney movie.
Each of the following are totally disneygay:

-The lyrics to "Only in Dreams" by Weezer
-The Return of the King's 20 endings
-"I'll never let go." from Titanic
by Moe Beads April 03, 2006
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