A town on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It is known for it's large population of expats, swingers, dogs, babies, golf carts and an irrational belief of no crime or pollution within its borders.
If you are a Gwai Lou in Hong Kong, you probably live in Discovery Bay.
by doggoneitall June 8, 2010
A little tiny town on the delta in california that has only old rich people who get mad even when your riding your bike.. Its pretty tho and a good place to wakeboard. Nicknames: The Bay, Disco, DB
Going out to Discovery Bay this weekend?
by Barney Rubble October 29, 2004
A great town full of great families, cheating wives, horny husbands, and a bunch of college sluts and daddy’s money.
In Discovery Bay if you don’t like your daughter, take her to ski beach to get hoed out by cheating husbands.
by Eric Rhinharte February 13, 2018
An place on Lantau island which consists mostly of: only gweilos, divorced/divorcing parents, old alcoholic men, teenage drinkers, twelvies, mainlanders and helicopter parents. DB residents are often referred to as 'db fags' or 'discovery gays'. DB mums are usually housewives that have a facebook group where they complain about little things because they have nothing better to do with their time. You are probably rich unless you live in the divorce court buildings. You get constantly shat on for living there but everyone shows up on the weekend.
Bro 1: "Where do you live?"
Bro 2: "Discovery Bay"
Bro 1: "Holy sh*t bro you're a DB fag?"
by bastard12345 November 10, 2019