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When, in preparation of getting a blowjob from a streetwalker for $20 or less, you run your hand under the chin to check for an Adam's apple.
I was really drunk last night, but I remembered to perform a discount double-check before unzipping. Whew! Close one.
by Crab-eating Macaque December 03, 2012
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While doing a girl from behind, right before blowing your load, pull out and finish in your hands. Then grab her stomach and smear it around her waist like a championship belt. Because, well, she earned it.
Austin: Did I just see that girl leave your room with a sticky stomach?

Ogewu: Yea, I gave her the discount double check.

Austin: Cool bro! *high five*

Ogewu: I haven't washed my hands yet.
by IsiMan85 December 27, 2011
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To Perform Aaron Rodgers's touchdown move while saying discount double check. Derives from the State Farm add that uses Aaron Rodgers Move.
Packers Fan: Hey you

Bears Fan: What?


Bears Fan: F**ker
by Mr VGA January 07, 2012
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