December the 10th is Discord Mod Day.
On this date all Discord Mods are allowed to ban all people for the entire day so that they can have a nice and relaxed 24 hours of freetime.
Man, Discord Mod Day is in a few days and I haven't decided who to ban yet.
by Feathergreen November 26, 2020
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An event that happens every Sunday, this is an event when the mods, owners, or admins can mute people who are being annoying in the discord server YOU are in.
Discord Mod Day is lit bro, I am a mod and I can mute annoying people if I like or do something else cuz you know, I am a mod...
by Fan of Azu December 12, 2020
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A special day in december where discord mods have video Furry Sex in fursuits often while watching each other masterbate
Discord Mod Day is coming up soon have you got enough lubricant for the circlejerk in the mod room
by PickledRectum December 10, 2020
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A rare occurence which only happens once every year on a specific day in december, a day where we celebrate all the hardworking discord mods who volunteer to keep order and justice in our dear discord servers. This day is surely one of the most important days of the year.
"Hey xX_Gamerking69_Xx, it's Discord mod day again! Did you buy me any carved eggs wrapped into presents?"
by MasterGamer34 December 7, 2020
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The day's members can harass mods all they want, mods aren't allowed to lock channels or ignore them, or mute.
Good luck the days start on December 12th and ends on Jenuary 27th
Member: Hey its the start of mod days.
The mods: Huh what is that
Member: We get to harass you all day. Cause its discord mod days
Mods: Noo!
by Climber of the trees | Slotthe December 12, 2020
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December 21st is the day where all server members spam whatever channel they want and what ever they want. Make sure to annoy the mods and mods cannot mute any channels or kick and ban members.
Random guy: aye man! Yk what day to day is?
Random guy 2: What?
Random guy: it’s discord mod day you know what that means! *wink*
Random guy 2: wait I’m a mod..
Random guy: mhm, don’t mute don’t cheat!
by Discord Member December 16, 2020
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On Thursday December 18, Discord users get to fuck the discord mods of servers who can’t do anything about it. People also get to spam memes in general.
Hey it’s Fuck Discord Mods Day!

Time to fuck them.
by asap_handlez December 17, 2020
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