Is where a person puts a double ended dildo full length inside of them to the point where they are able to close their anus.
Where did it go?
She pulled a disappearing act on it.
by BrokenDragon December 06, 2015
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what my dad did
Dad: Pumpkin can I show you a trick?!


Dad: Okay! It's called the disappearing act! Go to bed and look for me tomorrow morning!

Kid: *now has their own family and still can't find their dad*
by youisdank November 27, 2018
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What happens when you evacuate your bowels and the waste product perfectly snakes it's way down the cicular pipe at the bottom of the toilet and is no where to be found post- wipe pre- flush.
Man I just Witnessed a count Fecula's disappearing act In the bathroom.
by bmilligan05 March 03, 2016
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When you dunk your shot on the 18th hole, usually for eagle. The ball just vanishes without a hop and it’s the best feeling
I played a round with Tommy yesterday, he wasn’t playing so good and was getting frustrated but on the 18th hole he pulled a disappearing act and got so excited
by Daddy Piccolae August 14, 2021
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