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Chuck Norris pissed on a 6.5 Detroit and the dirtymax was born. 6.6 liters of big dicks. Runs on jack daniels and stripper glitter. Whether you’re strokin and blowin gaskets or cummin and burning tranny’s, the dirtymax will always be there.
Man I just stacked and tuned my dirtymax with efi live. I’m the fastest sumbitch in town.
by Bendrinkin June 07, 2018
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The action of obsessively inhaling your own farts in hopes of becoming immune to all future stench.
What the hell are you doing?

I'm just pulling a dirty Max because my girlfriend let one rip earlier and I nearly died.
by schlup123 July 09, 2016
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A slang term given to trucks which contain a Duramax brand diesel engine. This term is most generally used by young, uneducated hillbilly boyz who think by using this term they impress women and men alike, most of whom see through the use of the slang term and observe a young male who is severely in debt because of the senseless upgrades to said truck and lacks much social abilities beyond anything involving the truck. Said activities include applying Bondo and Rustoleum and rolling coal once finished at people with nice cars to draw attention to an otherwise derelict lifted clunker.
Yeah man, I got in my dirtymax and totally rolled coal at someone in their stock truck, maaaaaaaan, and like totally dude my air scoop like totally flew off and nearly missed him. Totally smoked out that 60,000 dollar new truck, I know he was jealous as he watched the parts and rust fall off my truck as I rolled by duuuuude.
by TheFinanceGuy March 02, 2018
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