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(Verb) When engaging in coitus, while the female is positioning herself in the doggy position, the male will then lick the tip of his fingers gently. After this, the males wet fingers will proceed to make contact with the Vaginal area of the female. He will then spread his wet fingers around her vagina, thus making the clitoris and vagina wet. The male will then hunch his back, grab his penis, and stick his penis in and out if her vagina rapidly continuing their coitus.
I couldn't tell wether her cum or my silva was oozing out of her vagina after administrating a Dirty Reyes.
by JLawIsBae May 27, 2014
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In the vain of the dirty Sancez and the dirty Rodriguez; the dirty Reyes involves one party sticking their finger up the ass of another, and then sticking their stinky finger into the person's ear after licking it. Also known as a poo stank wet willie.
We were gettin' hot and suddenly she whipped out her finger with that two inch fake nail and proceeded to give me the first dirty Reyes of my life.
Inspired by that girl at know the one...dumb broad
by Scully1013 October 13, 2006
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