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the divine act of fucking a girl in the ass, followed by you shitting on her chest. When finished with both, you stand up on the nearest chair, pound your chest and say, "I'm dirty Doug, bitch!"
Max: so how did your date with Trixie go?

Lance: it couldn't have gone better. we went to ponderosa for dinner and took a ride in my '92 Le Baron convertible. After that, we went to her place and I gave her a dirty doug- She won't be able to walk for a week!
by Terex El April 20, 2008
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When you have that look on your face, when you want to be a badass and a hero. Instead, you truly have no idea what the fuck is going on.

When you are standing somewhere, looking like Mr. Badass, but when asked about anything your response is " I have no idea."

The dirty Doug is that look on your face of utter doubt and uncertainty, while trying to be the ultimate hero.

Similar to how Nicholas Cage looked in the movie 9/11.
Firefighter 1: " Here comes our fire chief"
Firefighter 2: " Do you think he will have that dirty doug look on his face again?"

Firefighter 1: " Yes probably, he's trying to look like a badass hero, but truly has no idea what the fuck he's doing. The house will most likely burn down from his lack of intelligence, and how more important it is to him how a badass hero he looks like."
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by Dirty Jim Doug June 11, 2018
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