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while the girl is sleeping next to you, you start jerking yourself and right before you cum, you waker her up and unload all over her face, catching her by complete surprise. just like an unsuspecting skier.
i gave my sister in law a dirty avalanche on her birthday.
by Mondo91 May 19, 2008
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when fuckin a bitch outside in the winter ya slip your wang out her twat, dip it in the snow, then surprise her by putting it back in her ass.
steve: "Hey i gave my bitch the dirty avalanche"
joe: "you put it in her ass with some snow on your cock"?
steve: "hell ya.bitch is a dirty slut"
by stoneyinyurass May 15, 2009
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When a man lays on his back, with legs thrown over his head and masturbates, finally attempting to ejaculate into his own mouth.
I got home early yesterday to find my roommate head over heals in the living room giving himself a Dirty Avalanche
by Richie Phillips October 11, 2007
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Get 50 of your best mates and one guy/girl and some stairs, Now get all of the guys to jizz on that one lucky guy/girl. making them dirty and white
Then push the (now dirty and white guy/girl) down the stairs, therefore creating an avalanche

A very dirty one at that
Guy one:Hell Mayyyn, that is one durrrty sket

Guy two: I know mayyyn, you know, we should give her a dirty avalanche
by smithsjfc November 11, 2009
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When you shit on a albino persons head! Then watch the shit roll down thier face
Person1: Tina loves when I dirty avalanched her!

Person2: I love doing that to my girl as well!!
by Saints90 January 18, 2010
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