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Get 50 of your best mates and one guy/girl and some stairs, Now get all of the guys to jizz on that one lucky guy/girl. making them dirty and white
Then push the (now dirty and white guy/girl) down the stairs, therefore creating an avalanche

A very dirty one at that
Guy one:Hell Mayyyn, that is one durrrty sket

Guy two: I know mayyyn, you know, we should give her a dirty avalanche
by smithsjfc November 11, 2009
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Push a girl down a slide (preferably at a water park) and then almost instantly send your semen down afterwards so that it follows her down the slide like a barracuda would through the water

(and hopefully hits her on the back of the head at the end) making it a dirty barracuda)
Girl 1: I was at the water park the other day and some nasty mayyyn sent his barracuda down the slide

Girl 2: Daammn, Was that shit dirty

Girl 1: Mhhhm
by smithsjfc November 12, 2009
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