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When several friends are able to coerce a filthy skinny chick into receiving their loads on her six packed stomach. Resulting in an intricate irrigation system of semen. If the girl does not have a six pack please see the "Dirty Sailor".
Look at that skinny bitch - her stomach was made to receive the crop coverings of the "Dirty Farmer".
by Mike - Mike - Ryan January 03, 2006
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When having sex missionary the person on top excretes on the sheets. Then pulls out and manovours themselves onto the other side of the faeces. Once in place the top person grabs the legs of the unsuspecting partner and precedes to pull them through like a plough. With the disgust of being pulled through excrement the standard "Ew Er!" will be heard - hence the term dirty farmer
Omg I was despirate for a shit when I was fucking George last night, ended up having a proper dirty farmer.
by dirty cat January 23, 2015
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