The girls and guys of the one direction fandom. Primarily girls these girls will support one direction as they (1D) support the fandom.

Directioners will do anything to marry 1D. They will tweet to there fave thousands of times for a follow. Directioners are said to rule twitter. The fandom will create the most crazy hashtags or maybe the most heartfelt hashtags. It doesn't stop there. There are millions of girls or guys who will create fan fiction about the 1D boys shipping them with the ship names Larry (Harry,Louis) Ziam (Zayn,Liam) Narry (Niall,Harry) Zouis (Zayn,Louis) and Niam (Niall,Liam). Larry is a debate among the fandom, Directioners will pick 1/3 sides Larry is real! Larry is fake! And Idc.
Directioners: Marry me!!!! Have my children!
1D: lol!
by Fangirl 2.0 January 09, 2015
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Is a person who stans the British-Irish boyband one direction. They are a fan base who basically worship the boys. They have been with them since they were the boys on the stairs, they know how many 'R's there are, they know who Kevin is, and they know what Larry is.
Girl #1 - OMG I'm a big Belieber #Jelena

Girl #2 OMG I'm a Directioner #Larry
by OneDirectionVamps February 17, 2017
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psychotic girls who will literally do anything to have 1d notice them. they are the deadliest fandoms and send out thousands of hate messages a day. dont piss them off or insult one direction or the will kill you. their room decorations consist of one direction posters, one direction dolls, one direction bedsheets, and one direction everything. they try to find out where the boys are every second of the day. they are Class A stalkers.

CAUTION: Never get in the way of a directioner and her computer/phone. they will die without tumblr and twitter.
"OMG! Zayn's new hair! My ovaries!!"

"CARROTS! hahahaha!!!"

"ur nt a tru directionr if u use spewns!"


"you dont like 1d?!?!? DIRECTIONERS ARE GOING TO KILL YOU!
by AmericanFreak October 13, 2013
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Most likely obsessed crazy retards that love the band so much that they will spy on the five at any time. It's amazing that these "fans" will do anything for them. They are the most inconsiderate people I've ever seen. Although 1D has no musical talent at all but yet the fans still love them.
by BloodMoney125 September 16, 2013
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A deluded fan of an extremely bad band, One Direction. Have a tendency to be somewhat deaf, either pre or post One Direction, giving them the ability to listen to the shit music with no problem. Usually a fangirl who finds feminine looking guys attractive, or are convinced to do so by their peers.
I am not a Directioner. PANIC! AT THE DISCO FOREVER!
by NitroglycerinBOOM January 06, 2014
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A fandom for a band of homosexuals and are mostly made up of 12 year olds and single moms
jessie:im such a Directioner
Cory: you're a fan of a bunch of homos
by Cory Bryson December 31, 2013
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A family of beautiful, talented/skillful, dedicated, overprotective One Direction fans who own the world and every social media known to mankind.
Guy: do you know who they are?

NB: uh oh they're called Directioners. Don't mess with them if you don't want to be called a greasy burrito
by Bullshipper May 14, 2015
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