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Da coolest fizzle in da whole izzle. Also a pimp thang. Last week broke six ribs n was hospitalized fo` four days hustla a motorcycle crash in Los Angeles.
So if you fancy build'n up a bootylicious hoard of Dipesh pension sav'n you W-to-tha-izzill have ta takes out a personal or playa pizzle Dipesh ta run alongside tha occupizzle scheme.
by Curly-Sue January 09, 2006
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1. A state of mind
2. An ever-present, invisible life force
Person 1: Can you feel something here?
Person 2: Yeah, I think that's Dipesh
by themann27 May 30, 2011
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very ugly people,guys with bad shoes(white one), old age, trying to become smart but they remain same..
log kehete hai mein sharabi hoon, tumne bhi shayad yehi soch liya....dipesh
by sacchhin August 11, 2006
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A typical hindu name who unfortunately is unable to complete their destiny in becoming a sengh from the punjab. poor chap. Easily sexually frustrated and can be shown by the shaking of the leg, this may be due to lack of attention from the same sex. Also Often looking for De of Monfort University gash as he is unable to fulfill the sexual pleasures of gash from other local universities such as Nottingham Trent University.
You are a Dipesh when you watch balle balle punjabi dancing in secret to have some faith in completing your sikh destiny.
by anupa_papa March 17, 2010
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another word for something that looks like a penus
Say, dont you think that looks like a dipesh on his head
by mripley September 25, 2007
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