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Dinner Money” is a term used to define the amount of expendable or discretionary funds an individual possesses. It is also used as a mating call for the opposite sex, by the implicit promise of a free meal. While, dinner money is substantially less than having “plenty money” (let the streets know), it does denote that one has enough capital to take themselves as well as a date out to dinner, which will hopefully lead to sexual gratification of some sort. That being said that amount needed to claim one has dinner money can vary from state to state and even city to city. Those who boast loudly about having dinner money should always be on the lookout (BOLO) for the ever cunning “dinner whore”. The dinner whore lives and breathes to bilk unsuspecting individuals out of their hard earned funds. This is accomplished in several different ways, but the most popular method of operation is by feigning interest until dinner is over (and the bill is paid), then immediately placing the financier into the black hole known as the friend zone, with no chance of escape.
Sean “ What are you doing tonight?”

Becky “ I’m not too sure yet”

Sean “ I got dinner money!...”
by sdotkiezzel February 17, 2011
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