one whose actions call into question the competence/mental capacity of said person
Joe: "I got chlamydia after I fornicated with your sister."
Mike: "Way to go Dingus Khan."
by your baby's daddy September 2, 2003
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Someone that is the king of spaz/craziness, and liked in doing so. Derived from the dude Genghis Khan.
Gary: You know that kid with A.D.D.? John I think his name is?
Patrick: Yeah. That kid's a regular Dingus Khan.
by YapmelkXela October 16, 2009
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You failed that test? You must really be a Dingus Khan.
by Jabberwockyyy May 2, 2022
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The rarely-awarded name for a powerful and monstrous dingus, a.k.a. penis. The Dingus Khan lives the life of a conqueror by giving women insurmountable pleasure and conquering their vaginas.
"So Hames12, did you hook up with that girl from the bar?"

-"Hell yeah, I conquered her with the Dingus Khan!"
by Hames12 November 3, 2009
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