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From the latin, dingle, and the Amero-English, dork, this term signifies an expression of jocularity, usually expressed amongst friends while hanging 'around' playing video games. One often hears this phrase in conjuction with others, such as, "You ass-munch!", or "Tool-faced whore!".
Scene: Billy is playing Battlefield 2 with his friend Gary. During the game, Gary head-shots Billy, killing him with a single bullet. Miffed, Billy cries out, "You dingle-dork!"
by Robert Wicker October 13, 2007
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adj. A meshing or fusion of both the words dingle berry and dork. Used to mainly describe someone who completely fits both word descriptions. In a literal sense, a very smelly person who looks like a whales penis.
"Dude, you're a fuckin' dingledork."

"You fucking stink! Get away from me, fucking dingledork!"
by I Don't Need to Whisper June 26, 2006
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That one single pubic hair which is longer than all the others.
I was checkin out my pubs last night and thought about yanking out my dingledork, or naming it.
by Dogood September 09, 2006
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