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Another noun for dingbat or sometimes even bitch or asshole. It is a nice way of saying those other nouns. You could say it in class and not get into trouble for it.
by Don'tAskMeWhat August 17, 2016
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When, on the road, the car you are trying to pass accelerates to match your speed only to slow down after you abandon the attempt and pull back behind them.
When I saw that the driver in my rearview mirror was texting, I felt it my duty to ding-a-long him when he tried to pass.

Yes officer, I was doing 80 in a school zone, but it was only to pass that ding-a-long in the F-150!
by Clark March 12, 2009
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A cross between a ding dong and a ding-a-ling, usually a polite term for dumb-ass
Jeff: Man, I just spilled my coffee on my white shirt.
Kyle: Dude, your a ding-along.
by bloodfreckle May 21, 2013
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often reffering to a long dingdong(hense the 'ding' at the beginning of the word)
john: go fuck yourself
Jimm: bitch shizzle my nizze and suck my DINGALONG
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