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Hot sweet guy who treats you with the utmost respect. Shy but very affictionate at times. He loves all his girlfriends with all his heart and never gives up on his dreams. He is the type of person were no matter what you can talk to him about anything
You: Dilyn I had just the most horrible day
Dilyn: well what happened

You: People kept calling me bad words and all these other things
by Yeppy December 12, 2013
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The frog prince, creative funny and Charming
Dilyn is the funniest kid in my class, he loves frogs and is so smart!!!
by Ausndilsmom November 13, 2011
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Dilyn is the type of guy who is funny, smart, and extremely outgoing. Sometimes he's shy. Dilyn knows a lot of people, he's popular and adorable! He looks like a lost puppy sometimes and he's just too cute. He helps you when you're down and is serious most of the time. Be glad you met him, because he's just a great guy.
Dilyn: "Yo, what's up?"
Me: "Nothing much, just a bit down..."
Dilyn: "What happened?"
*conversation to be continued*
by Nuumis July 24, 2016
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