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Dil-lon-ize; dil-uhn-nyz

verb, Dil-lon-ized, Dil-lon-iz-ing

1. to interrogate one with questions for all possible explanations until the student or resident is sufficiently uncovered in their natural cognitive state & knowledge level of understanding
1. Tim’s eyes began to swell with excitement, pupil size being measured @ 7 mm, as he was Dillonized.

2. After a long session of Dillonizing, Mike began to see the light; the path to the “promised land” of appropriate thinking process & problem solving.
by LMPS May 17, 2013
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When a person wrecks their mother's car trying to be a hardass. Especially when the automobile is rolled when in pursuit of another vehicle of whom's driver the Dillonizing driver would like to talk shit to, but is far too afraid to without the protection of door locks.
Stan: Did you hear about that kid who rolled his mom's car trying to chase down that firebird?

Larry: Yeah he totally Dillonized it!
by scaryguynumber1 May 07, 2011
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