A polished set of styled cufflinks. Usually worn by sharp, articulate and distinguished gentlemen. Borrowed from the more commonly accepted term for handgun; however in the place of one's wrists.
Dapper was Jude as his prominent Dillingers alluded to his impeccable persona and element of style.
by MI6 September 24, 2009
A really weird name to give to a child.
Wow, his name is Dillinger?
by DiamondArmourSteve February 4, 2019
Largest F-ing cock on da world. If it ain't nine inches soft. It ain't a Dillinger.
You see that kid in da showers over there?
... Damn does that kid have a Dillinger or what! Fuck thts huge!
by Eazy muthafuckin E February 6, 2009
1.A famous U.S. bankrobber who robbed banks thoughout the midwest in the 30s. He died in a gunfight in a alley with a group of F.B.I agents
2.Somebody that all the blacks/gangstas/wiggers wanna be but they cant because there not white!
" Daz Dillinger wishes he was white since everybody knows a black dude doesnt know how to rob a bank "
by Al sharpton is a rascist December 3, 2003
Liar, fabricator of half-truths
another TALL TALE from Dillinger
by bumble December 27, 2003