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Dildobotics is scientific study of dildos, so that in the future, the world may have better dildos, thus becoming happier and more productive. Lack of adequate access to dildos causes misery for millions around the world, but does George Bush launch a war for their freedom? Does he fuck.
The art of dildo production involves detailed knowledge of the sexual organs of women and design details must be carefully considered. For example, what is the average size of the orifices of the target market? This becomes an important question when one is in the important global dildo market.
Some people may laugh at the idea of a science of dildobotics, but at the University of Tokyo (which is in Japan) the Institute of Applied Dildobotics receives more applications each year than there are research places.
Inside the elegant, modern architecture of this internationally recognised body, are housed a plethora of top secret dildo-ological research machines. Every day, thousands of inches of plastic fucktoys of varying length and diameter are scientifically rammed into test subjects and the results are scanned, databased, indexed, collated and extrapolated. Test subjects are asked to fill in detailed questionnaires concerning their experiences.
But wait! there is much more. Once a world-beating dildo design has been crafted, the thing itself must be made. Designers, engineers, CNC programmers, chemists, molding experts, plastics manufacturers must all be marshalled and organized to manufacture dildos, thus creating jobs in far eastern countries. And even after that, there must be sales, marketing and administration teams, transport departments and shipping companies all DEDICATED to delivering dildos of the finest quality to YOU, the consumer.
So as you can see, there is a lot more to dildobotics than you might imagine.
Dildobotics affects almost every area of our daily lives, stretching into our offices, homes, phones and cars. Oh wait, that's the internet.
by Dr Hans Jerkoff October 13, 2007
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