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Digital Purgatory is a racist and conservative webcomic created by apparent neo-nazi, "Nix Kartel" and drawn by a slew of different artists. The main character, surprise, surprise, is Nix. That's right, another sub-par webcomic where the author inserts himself as a witty individual, trapped in a world of idiots. Essentially, Nix (the IRL version, that is)read Dilbert and decided that he would make a hack rip-off, coupled with Nix's inability to create comedy, and added with a dose of anti-liberal bias and a double-dose of aforementioned racism. His extreme right-wing view was exposed when he wrote a short story arc where the company that Nix works for, inexplicably hired an illegal and uneducated Mexican workforce to work with computers. Sadly he failed to realise that illegal Mexicans tend to do LABOR work for less money, work that most Americans citizens will eschew anyway. His Mexi-phobia came to it's hight when all the illegal immigrants in the story were also drug dealers.

In between these bouts of ignorance and fears, he does little satirical news segments of liberal news. Again, it is another excuse for Nix to bash liberal views by warping them and twisting them around. A prime example of this occred when the news crew began blaming Bush for Hurricane Katrina, an impressive effort on the young neo-nazi's part to divert attention from the fact that Bush was criticized for his near total lack of action which lead to a complete breakdown of law and order in New Orleans. By the way, if you, Nix, happen to come across this entry, your little misconception/lie has been pwned by the Wikiphiles:

But back to the webcomic at hand:
Of late it appears that all the old comics have been deleted from the site, probably because people discovered that there were webcomics out there that did not encourage intolerance and racial bigotry.

Do not attempt to read the comic unless you enjoy being fed racist, unfunny, Dilbert rip-off garbage.
Examples of racism is currently devoid from the Digital Purgatory, as he has deleted all but his most recent work. His forum, however, is rife with neo-cons and is ripe for the trolling... go go GO!
by N00bKannon July 22, 2008
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