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Diet pills are pills, taken like Advil or Tylenol, that supposedly increase your metabolism and burn more calories. Some diet pills get over people's psychological block that is holding them back from losing weight but the ones that really do work on your metabolism have been proven to be dangerous. Countless investigations by government agencies and high-ranking officials to private investigators have looked into the world of diet pills resulting in lawsuits, damage reports and in some cases the pressing of criminal charges.

A famous example of a diet pill and a famous model for it would be TrimSpa and Anna Nicole Smith respectively. Smith appeared in several advertisements for the diet pill ranging from television commercials, radio commercials and other forms of marketing. Her death was not related to consumption of TrimSpa.
Kim's taking diet pills? Wow, that's about the most desperate thing she's ever done.
by Sid Barrett July 03, 2007
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