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A bullshit "movement" that glorifies almost everything benevolent in life and attempts to brainwash people into thinking that bad things in life only happen when we acknowledge them. It promotes the belief that we can control every aspect of our lives through merely wanting something and not actually doing anything, while they ignore the fact that sometimes people have terrible and "negative" lives because others treat them terribly, or force them to live a certain way.

And what's even more stupid is that "positivity" isn't even being used the way dictionaries say it should....
A naive person: Come on everyone! Stay positive, we can do anything if we work together!
A realistic person: Oh, shut up and stop spreading positivity that doesn't exist. You're only denying a proper existence to those who can't control every aspect of their lives.
by Swaglord A. McBallerboy October 26, 2016
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The person known for making the most famous erotica text games on the internet. His website fenoxo.com is also known as the "Home of NSFW ramblings."
"fenoxo games are too weird for me."
"Suit yourself, I'll be fapping toTiTS for the next few hours."
by Swaglord A. McBallerboy April 7, 2016
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A diet which consists of more than 15% over-the-counter or prescription drugs instead of actual food, since the person on it is either a drug dealing pharmacist, a hypochondriac, or has at least a dozen medical conditions. And no, I'm not making fun of people with medical conditions. That is personal experience.
A Human: Damn, how did Jenny get so fuckin' sexy? She was a complete fatass last summer.
Another Human: Oh, Jenny? She's on a pill diet now, so she doesn't pass out from starving herself.
by Swaglord A. McBallerboy October 23, 2016
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