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It is the noun version of a person making a "dick" move. It is used when a person does an ignorant and/or diry action. Someone who is indeed worthy of dick, but in the bad way.
Wow...that was really dickworthy.

Giving someone a balltap is pretty dickworthy.
by OnTheFritz13 June 27, 2009
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A term used by the lonely geeks in my Calculus class. Often used in the context of an attractive young male that they'd enjoy giving a nice buttfuck, hence the term 'dickworthy'. Ironically, most of them think that sex is the integral of e to the x.
"Man, that guy is suck a twink... Definitely dickworthy."

"Sex? Sex? What is that? The integral of e^x? Surely, it must be!"
by Spammity Calamity! January 05, 2008
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