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Noun: Generic, ubiquitous term of derision, fairly innocuous, used mostly "friend on friend", has become completely mainstream
Hey, Dickus! Could you lend me $5.00?
by ky2 March 08, 2008
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Dickus: Of Latin origin.

A homosexual and/or loser named John.
Mazdak is a big fruity dickus that everyone hates. His family hates him too.
by Mo Lester April 11, 2004
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any idiot who decides to add a definition to this site, and begins their definition by adding the suffix "us" to the word being defined, and also usually beginning with the word homo before the defined word. Their motive behind this somewhat strange, but what I believe is an attempt to sounds smart and learned

Take the word "Referee" for example and imagine someone is defining it:
Of the order "homo cock-suckerus", referees are forever screwing up sports matches. Particularly in my last game of football, where the prick sent me off for supposed violent conduct.

In a sentence: John is such a dickus, he tries to sound like he knows latin, or science or anything really......
by a fish called rowanda April 22, 2006
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