After having anal sex, when a penis becomes plugged with feces, and subsequently "poops" the feces out either during ejaculation or while urinating. Dickturds look similar to hamster turds, and are usually layered in a fashion similar to the buildup of dough in a straw after pressing the straw in the dough multiple times. Dickturds are commonly associated urinary tract infections.
Chaz had to poop, but he didn't tell Trit. So, after banging Chaz in the ass, Trit trit left a dickturd in Chaz's ass when he came. Trit got a urinary tract infection the next day.
by KanadaJayhawk July 19, 2013
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When someone fucking annoying that you want to get rid of them the same you would a turd i.e pushing that bitch out as hard as you can when you are constipated but as fast as you can ejaculate.
"you seen that bitch over there...her name Destiney?"
"Oh my god that thot is such a dick turd!"
by Socratic Sarcasshole March 02, 2015
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a dick turd is when dicks are in your turds. you turd out dicks.
Deriks turds had dicks in them, they were dickturds. lol
by the_Obamanator February 06, 2015
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a cigerette that has had its tabacco pinched or squeazed out and replaced with marijuana in order for user to inconspicuously get high in public places. inspired by the stupid british term for a cigerette: a fag.
i knew i was gonna want to get fucked up at the baseball game, so i made a couple dick turds so i wouldn't get caught. let's just say it was a grand slam nigggaaaaa.
by steven gilman May 01, 2005
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A black man's penis or a white man's penis after anal sex.
I fucked Jamal lastnight and he had the biggest dick turd I have ever taken!!!
by Mr. Rain October 25, 2010
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