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to be dickbirdy, to act like a dickbird aka douchepop, shittits. To act aloof like a lost mule in search of berries. To be generally lacking anything of use, help, or positive impact

A terrible lifting contraption designed to frustrate and possibly kill its occupants if neophytes. Most often found in the blazing sun during late july.
Stop being such a dickbird you dickbirdy mess up.

That is such a dickbird, i wish that didnt exist.

I got the damn dickbird stuck again i am going to kill myself.
by Big Allio July 23, 2008
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Foolish person, see also knob jockey. Also derogatory term to those who look androgynous through ugliness.

Worthless person that you don't care about.
Get away from me dick bird! Right now!
by Erich ULner October 05, 2006
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A β€œknow it all”, some one who already β€œknew that”. All information is not new to them.
-β€œHey Jonathan, did you know that every 157 years, Jupiter’s magnetic field pulls one of its moons 15 inches closer ?”
Jonathan- β€œoh yeah, I knew that. It’s actually 14.7 inches.”

-β€œOf course you did, Dickbird!”
by Romanowski November 05, 2017
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Simple. A bird with a man dick
Man A: Look at that bird, what's hanging between it's legs?

Man B: Oh, that is the rare Dickbird. Notice the human male genitalia.
by tyler240sx August 03, 2009
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1. (noun) Nickname given to the mobile, hydraulic scissor lifts used on construction sites around massachusetts during the dickbird period which took place during the July 2008 summer

2. (noun) Anything that is anything

3. (adj, adv) Used to describe things that are stupid , annoying , foolish , or dickbird-ish
wow alex, looks like you got the dickbird stuck again. you better go get the wood.

hey look at that man way up there in the dickbird. he seems to be fiddling with the broken telephone wires.
by dickbird commmander July 23, 2008
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A common spam created by the Shadow Elves Clan.A Dickbird is an annoying bird.
Nick: Look at the dickbirds up in the tree. Dickbirds:Churp Churp. Nick: GET THE HELL OUT OF THE TREE YOU DICK BIRDS!
by DickBirds July 29, 2008
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Someone who tricks coworkers into not bringing a lunch to work.
What a dick bird! Ridge said there would be an employee appreciation steak dinner today. I fell for his trick and now I don’t have a lunch!
by Supertilley December 06, 2017
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