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Naked without any care of who can see. This is in contrast to ass naked where the person would usually try to face away from people, therefore only exposing his ass. Dick naked is when you're not concerned with hiding anything.
I'm getting dick naked. If you come in here, you WILL see my dick.
by Kroensburg June 07, 2012
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Dick Naked means when a male is basically naked , it's just another term for " butt naked " !
Sanara and Bianca were having a conversation about Sanara's late night experiance with her boy friend Xavier.

Sanara : Giiiiiirl let me tell you what happened last night when i was over Xavier's house !

Bianca : Girl what happened ?, what happend?

Sanara : We were sitting on the couch watching a movie and then he was like " . . . Bay, i will be right back i gotta use the bathroom" ...

Bianca : And then what ?

Sanara : Girl let me finish ! So then he busted out the bathroom Dick Naked and lickin his lips .


Sanara: Yes ... Dick Naked Girl ! No Shirt , No Draws , No Boxers .... Dick Hangin All Out !

Bianca : Aw Naw , Thats A Dick Naked Nigga For Yo Ass !
by Nara_Chocolate_Barbie August 31, 2009
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