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Dick Naked means when a male is basically naked , it's just another term for " butt naked " !
Sanara and Bianca were having a conversation about Sanara's late night experiance with her boy friend Xavier.

Sanara : Giiiiiirl let me tell you what happened last night when i was over Xavier's house !

Bianca : Girl what happened ?, what happend?

Sanara : We were sitting on the couch watching a movie and then he was like " . . . Bay, i will be right back i gotta use the bathroom" ...

Bianca : And then what ?

Sanara : Girl let me finish ! So then he busted out the bathroom Dick Naked and lickin his lips .


Sanara: Yes ... Dick Naked Girl ! No Shirt , No Draws , No Boxers .... Dick Hangin All Out !

Bianca : Aw Naw , Thats A Dick Naked Nigga For Yo Ass !
by Nara_Chocolate_Barbie August 31, 2009

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