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When, in your group of friends, there are two friends who believe they are closer than anybody else and will continually ignore or make fun of everybody else because they are so "close" and have SO many inside jokes to share with each other. This quality makes them act and seem like dicks. Their friends that have been isolated sometimes question whether or not these two friends are actually dating because they appear to be so "close".
Person 1:"Hey, are the Dick Twins coming over tonight?"
Person 2:"Nah man, they're fine when they're by themsevles with us, but when the both of them are together I just can't deal with them."

Person 1:"Hey-not everybody's here yet-where are the Dick Twins?"
Person 2:"I dunno, they bailed on me man-they're probably out on a date or something because you know how "close" they are."
by MonMon de BonBon July 24, 2010
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You're watching porn, and then you see something on screen that looks a lot like the something in your hand. Your dick twin! And suddenly, you feel a lot better about yourself. Suddenly, you feel like you're having sex yourself! Depending on what's done in the situation, 'dick twin' can be both a verb and a noun, and it can be both the actor on screen, and the little actor who gets way more screen time.
'Wow, that's a dick twin right there.'

'I'm dick twinning, send you the link later.'

'I dick twinned last night. But I think mine's a little girthier.'

'Dick twinnage can save a man.'

'My dick twin even sounds like me.'
by lookaroundyou August 23, 2013
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Dick twins: Your dick looks like your face by mistake. Dick twins...
Your face looks just like your dick. That's why when you go down on her she always says no. Not yet not yet. Dick twins...
by mali it titi mo June 07, 2017
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