Sexual intercourse in a standing position.

Dick Turpin was a notorious highwayman whose cry, on mugging his victims, was supposedly "stand and deliver!". The origin of the Dick Turpin is presumably related to the fact of "standing" in order to "deliver".
Wayne and Sharon were so overcome with passion that they couldn't wait to get back to his Cortina and instead went for a Dick Turpin in the first available shop doorway.
by Jet out of Gladiators December 7, 2009
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Also pronounce 'anging'. To be suffering from the combined effects of lack of sleep, amnesia, and an over-indulgence of alcohol and/or other stimulants following a prolonged session with ones friends.
"I never made work Monday, I was hanging like Dick Turpin at a junction"
by pinkfoot August 30, 2008
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