A range of four and six cylinder sedans created by ford, running from the late 60's through to the mid 80's. Offered as only a 4 cylinder in the european market, Ford Australia imported numerous Cortina's and fitted them with a six cylinder engine from the local family sized car of the time the Falcon, whilst this endowed the cortina with prodigious straight line speed, the heavier six cylinder tended to make the car understeer. The increase in power and despite a heavier engine in the front, does make the six cylinder cortina an excellent car for burnouts. The easiset way to tell the difference between a 4 and 6 cylinder Cortina is the presence of a "bulge" on the bonnet in six cylinder equipped cars.
Wow, that guy in that cortina just went past us like we were standing still.

Person 1: wow that guy with his car firmly implanted into that wall must have forgot there was a corner there.
Person 2: no thats a six-cylinder cortina they tend to do that.

The hoon proceeded to do many burnouts in his pristine stock Cortina.
by Gavyn_01 May 30, 2008
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n. A lively, jubilant, enthusiastic and occasionally silly individual. The opposite of pawagi

v. To trick people who have feeble minds, such as Homer Simpson

adj.(cortinaly) ecstatic, friendly, smiley
1. Jim Carey is a cortina wannabe.

2. Yo, remember how I cortina'd a hundred bucks out of that dawg who was high and trippin'?

3. In this society, people often put up a cold face rather than acting more approachable and cortinaly.

by Jon Von Neumann March 2, 2003
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phrase popularize by the popular radio show "the luis jimenez show" meaning; boring,bullshit, liar or just when you are tired of hearing somebody
hey that gold chain is fake cortina contigo
by pavlo July 4, 2008
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A ballin dope ass mothafucka

A real bitch ass fam a mothafukin dope ass bitch yo
Woah dude that girl is a real dope ass mothafucka!! She’s a fuckin Sydney Cortina if I’ve ever seen bruh
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Discovered the first mobile phone back in 2003, also discovered the first electron and volt in 2017
Have you heard of Samson Cortina George? Yes, didn’t he discover the first mobile phone?
by Foxtrot Oscar May 31, 2019
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n. An attempt to muster one's poor use of high school Spanish to describe the unusually droopy and gnarly condition of a woman's vagina. Translates literally from Spanish as "the curtains of beef." See also beef curtains, beef drapes, or steak curtains.
by Chris O.. June 29, 2006
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When you eat the fungus off a girls foot and drink milk with it
Shut up and have a fortnite cortinas breakfast
by Deo demon February 4, 2022
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