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A very talented woman who has the power to out run a mans sex drive. Not only will she pleasure the man but her main focus is her climax as well. This woman is well described in the book After Burn By Zane. This dick slayer is hard to find and once she's found she might scare the male away. Her sex game is beyond a ten. & she can make you cum before her lips even touch the tip of your penis.
Her sensual body and luscious lips were already too many signs of a danger. But the way she seduced him quickly gave it away quickly that he was messing with a "Dick Slayer".
by NoBetterLove <3 December 22, 2008
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A female who sleeps around, preferably a whore, who gives such deep blowjobs that the genitalia shrivels up.
During my summer slut-fest I met a man who encountered a dickslayer
by HydratedTrash December 25, 2016
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