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Noun: When a man gets fucked in the asshole so hard that his dick is used as a puppet by the top, usually used in a threesomes to fuck a third male in the ass.
"Dude, Kev wore Dave as a dick puppet last night right into Tim's asshole."
by WeenMaster September 24, 2017
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A man who is willing to be manipulated during sex for the pleasure of a woman.
Without a doubt he is my favorite dickpuppet of all time.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 30, 2018
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An attractive woman who is petite in stature. Generally speaking, she makes a man's nature rise.
Keith: Man! Check that chick out!! She's dirty like the South.

Too Tuff Tony: SHIT!!! And she's a dick puppet too!
by B 2 Da C September 16, 2005
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A woman who is petite, short (usually under 5'2") in stature and weighs less that 110 pounds. Also has a strong sexual appetite. A woman that can be picked up and mounted on the penis with little or no effort, so you are free to get up and go to the frig for a beer with out her dismounting or lossing your stroke count.

Also see ragdoll sex
See that little blonde "dick puppet" over there,,, She's a freak!
by bare bear balls October 18, 2009
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You do someone else's bidding, and pretend it's your own wishes, because the anonymous person may reward you.
Glenn Beck is really just a dick puppet for the Koch brothers.
by Yohomegirl December 03, 2010
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