When a girl falls in love with a dude without even smashing. Tendencies include stalking his Snapchat and Insta, saying he is the love of her life in his comments. Essentially what happens between that wolf guy and that baby in Twilight.
Kaylin: "Yo boi this chick won't stop tryna jump on my dick".
Cameron: "Shit dawg, she done gone and started dick printing your ass".
Kaylin:"You right, I'm goddamn screwed".
by Knowledge man April 27, 2020
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when a guy is wearing really tight trousers, and you see the outline of their dick poking through the crotch area. usually the men dont know its happening. but us women do! ;)
oh my, did you see his dick print today? hes packing some serious stuff!
by mynameiselly July 25, 2009
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The defined area on a country boy's tight-fitting jeans (usually Wranglers or Levis) that leaves nothing to the imagination, as it lets you see just how big his appendage is!!!!!!!
"Wow, nice package....look at THAT dick print!"

"He's got Dick Print.....he should really think about wearing a bigger size."
by Syracuse Suzie January 28, 2006
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Where you have been gripping the penis during masturbation to the extent that you can see finger marks afterwards for an extended period of time. Usually in colder conditions.
"Man, I was tugging so hard those dick-prints didn't fade for an hour"

Also often known as, cock-prints.
by Landoddage. May 17, 2009
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The need for a manager to define a certain part of your project to show to the customer that he/she is not completely incompetent. Usually results in frustration and late deadlines.
My project was going fine till Bob decided he needed to put his dick print on it.
by Frustrated Russ April 14, 2008
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The emotional and physical scar a woman recieves (in her vagina) from a man after the woman has cheated on her mate with another man. This may also occur if a woman gets raped which may result in emotional setbacks throughout her relationships including but not limited to: current boyfriend, family, ex- boyfriend, and potential boyfriend, etc.
I can't even have sex with my girlfriend after that asshole rapist left his dick print in her vagina!

Ew, that's gross! She has a dick print? How many?

My fucking girlfriend gotz a dick print... DX

My Fucking girlfriend GOT a dick print >:O
by Denim Nogs April 3, 2010
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