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The emotional and physical scar a woman recieves (in her vagina) from a man after the woman has cheated on her mate with another man. This may also occur if a woman gets raped which may result in emotional setbacks throughout her relationships including but not limited to: current boyfriend, family, ex- boyfriend, and potential boyfriend, etc.
I can't even have sex with my girlfriend after that asshole rapist left his dick print in her vagina!

Ew, that's gross! She has a dick print? How many?

My fucking girlfriend gotz a dick print... DX

My Fucking girlfriend GOT a dick print >:O
by Denim Nogs April 02, 2010
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The result of an obese individual whose fat is so grotesque and exaggerated that it literally defies gravity creating a portch structure on their back region, in which various table items can be placed. The syndrome also known as hotel fat may ressemble homeless German children and occurs dominantly in American pigs.

Symptoms of progressive Portch Back Syndrome may include but is not limited to: hippo wings, massive appetite, social alienation, fridge full of hot pockets, a strong resemblance to Rosie O'Donald, a tendancy to be a pedophile and waddling walking disorder.
"Where's my drink? I left it right here on the portch"
"Dude we're nowhere near a portch, that was a chick with portch back syndrome!"

The other day I saw this girl with portch back syndrome and she unknowingly stole a whole fridge with her back fat!

Sometimes portch back syndrome is a good thing, now I can hold 8 things at once!
by Denim Nogs April 05, 2010
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