The handful of hair, aka man bun, that a man can grab while said man-bun having dude is sucking his dick!
I appreciate your dick handle while you were sucking my cock.

Don’t get your hair shaved on the sides and leave the long shit on top or you’ll look like you have a dick handle!
by Big-AlB 70 August 12, 2018
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It's the flusher of a urinal which gets touched by a hand immediately after said hand leaves a dick and it quite possibly the dirtiest place on earth.
If I touch that dick handle, I may as well just grab every guy's junk in the place.
by J. Hoy April 01, 2008
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1) random, excessive ass kissing

2) trying to be like someone by imitation
why don't you let him do that, stop dick handling
by GraysonD May 04, 2006
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