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Defined as a zipper being pulled down when you least expect it and being excessively hit with God’s dick. The power it brings is classified as much worse when around the white family.
by Dextrit October 31, 2018
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When one has reached an age in life that his pubic hairs are white and once the penis is exposed it appears to be floating on a cloud.
Did you see that old mans dick ? It looked like a dick cloud.
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A pejorative term used to describe an acquaintance that is behaving in a dickish manner.

Lawrence: Hey, that guy’s a faggot! ....oh my bad
Armando: Hey, I don’t mind that word

Lawrence: Hey, faggot is bad word.
Armando: Ol’ “as I say not as I do looking ass” , you dick-cloud.
by Csmoove901 October 09, 2017
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